The Right Batting Cage Can Improve Your Ball Play

If you are serious about baseball, then you need a good batting cage. Together with regular team practice, you can develop your ball hitting skills with batting cages, which allow you to focus on your hitting and accuracy, either when you are training alone or with a pitcher.

The main function of batting cages is to keep balls in a confined area, so that they don’t hit windows or other players. How do you choose the best? Here are some tips.

Soft or not

Batting cages may be made for softball or baseball. The first type is typically designed for little leaguers, whose batting speeds are usually slower. This type can be set to pitch slow, medium, or Play ground equipment fast softballs. Baseball batting cages are designed to absorb shock and handle faster balls, making them ideal for professional players.

Pipe dream

Whether it’s for amateur or professional use, a batting cage must made made from durable materials that can withstand the weather and force from fast balls. The pipes should be durable enough for very harsh weather, such as extreme heat and rain. Make sure the pipe and netting are UV-protected to keep them from shrinking and rotting.

Overlooked net

Net positioning is an often overlooked part of the batting cage. Though the basic net layout is the same with most cages, how it is positioned over the pipes can affect the player’s game. Usually, the cage’s net covers only a fraction of an area where it is set up. This limited cover can affect your spatial mindset and make it difficult to adjust when playing in an actual game.


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