Google Analytics Benchmarking E-newsletter

Hunger for on the net effectiveness benchmarking from marketers has always been solid, as it has been for offline functions. Whilst benchmark knowledge is readily available from the likes of comScore, Contend, Alexa and a whole host of market research firms, Google arguably has the richest, deepest data source in Google Analytics (sixty six% current market share in 2010 in accordance to Econsultancy).

Past thirty day period Google replaced its benchmarking device in Google Analytics with the ‘Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter’.

Knowledge providence and sharing

I acquired the Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter because of to enabling anonymous details sharing for my wedding ceremony website (thank you for your congratulations in progress!). Google have created no endeavor to ask for confidentiality from recipients, consequently I intend to share the content with you all.

Regardless of the oft-recurring scare pertaining to Google and facts, the big G is not aggregating every data source at their disposal. The benchmark insights only appear from web sites that have supplied their information for processing. At this stage it is really worth looking at whether or not or not this influences the robustness of the insights produced as a end result.


According to Google there are currently “hundreds of thousands” of web-sites contributing to this pool of data. While we do not know unique websites or their mother nature, Google has “endeavoured to make all metrics here statistically important”. With that reported, we will have to just take all insights with a pinch of proverbial salt. From the Web-site Administrators stage of perspective it can be vital to point out that no absolute metrics are shared, which usually means that your complete take a look at, site views or conversion quantities will not be printed.

The Content

The ‘Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter’ incorporates 3 sections:

Web-site Metrics
Site visitors Resources
Working Techniques

The time period analysed was November 1, 2010 – February 1, 2011 and comparison is carried out with information from November 1, 2009 – February 1, 2010. The Google Analytics team supply very little in the way of commentary and clarification, leaving the doorway open for interpretation. Down below I have shared the info tables and graphs from the publication, which follows with my feelings/concerns.

Benchmarking from Google Analytics

Feelings and inquiries

A bit less pages viewed for every go to: Does this indicate a lot more in-site interaction via Flash/HTML5?
Over-all bounce price is slightly lowered: Are entrepreneurs getting improved at targeting their wanted audiences?
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Bounce Amount is forty seven% total: Does that indicate that virtually 50 % of all visits are unsuccessful?
Are lookup engines offering additional suitable results
PPC has a decreased bounce fee than natural look for: Do consumers value explicit messaging on a SERP?
Are on-web site processes much more productive and as a outcome top to shorter visits
Is there an inverse connection between bounce price and time on site in most countries?
What would this knowledge appear like if we included GDP and world wide web or broadband penetration for each individual nation?
Will immediate entry be a permanent aspect, irrespective of search abilities?
Is the Vatican getting support from a increased electrical power in pursuit of conversion?

Requests for foreseeable future newsletters/benchmarking from Google

All details split out by country/sector/market
A for a longer time time period of time for evaluation
Definition of GA goal kinds (i.e.: content material, e-commerce)
Investigation of browser varieties by nation
Search trends break up out by research engine
Screen and affiliate info
Whole knowledge tables for all graphs
Knowledge furnished by using Google Docs
Motivate the churning and sharing of assessment amongst GA customers

As you can see on the Google Analytics Forum, inner thoughts about Google’s new benchmark providing are mostly destructive, with lots of requests to re-instate the ‘tool’.

If you happen to be fascinated in a copy of the details shared, please get in touch via e mail. I’d be intrigued to hear your feelings about the stats offered, as very well as how you and your business could possibly use them. What else would be helpful in knowledge the use of your web-site, in context of the relaxation of the earth?


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